Paua Scarves

NZ made Ladies’ Paua Fabric scarf

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Ladies Paua Shell scarf proudly made in New Zealand.

These paua scarves are also great as Corporate Gifts in combination with a tie.

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paua blue
Paua Scarf
Ladies Paua Scarf Fabric Style “Paua shell” Ladies Paua scarf, backed with plain pale aqua fabric, they are 127 cm
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  1. Hello I need ×15 Paula shell scarves , could I get a discount pls as it’s for an unvailing 🙂 xx

    • Jill will contact you shortly – I have deleted the coment with your phone number fro privacy reasons.

  2. Hi,

    Are the paua ladies paua scarves made from chiffon material? As per my first message what are the measurements of the ladies paua scarves?. If I were to purchase 20 ladies paua scarves would you consider giving me a discount for that amount of scarves?


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